Eastern Fuel is a full-service heating and oil company located in Hamden, Connecticut. We offer home heating oil delivery throughout West Haven. We have a full range of heating and air conditioning services to choose from, and we specialize in home heating oil delivery. We service residential and commercial properties throughout West Haven and in all of the surrounding areas of New Haven County.

Not only do we offer automatic home heating oil delivery, but we make it affordable as well with our Price Protected Budget Plan. To avoid costly, unexpected heating oil bills during the winter months, Eastern Fuel will estimate your entire annual heating cost into 11 affordable monthly payments. This option also provides price protection from the often-volatile energy markets. Your home oil delivery price will not exceed our Price Cap during the 11 months of the program even if prices rise during the winter. Should our retail price drop below the cap, so will your heating oil price. True Price Protection. Please contact us for details.

Eastern Fuel offers professional service in the repair and installation of oil-fired furnaces, boilers, water heaters, indirect heaters, air cleaning systems, humidifiers and air conditioning equipment.  We deal with only state of the art equipment that is backed with new equipment warranties and full support from our most reputable vendors.

Not only can Eastern Fuel help control the cost of your heating fuel but we also can help control the cost to repair, maintain and improve your heating equipment.  Oil Burner Insurance Plans are available for purchase and provide coverage for service calls 24 hours a day, the cost of most parts associated with your heating system as well as providing one furnace/boiler cleaning a year.  Protection for oil fired water heaters can also be added to this plan for an added cost.  Eastern Fuel also offers Oil Tank Insurance, covering the cost of replacing an indoor tank. Free estimates on installation of new boilers and hot water heaters are available.