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Biodiesel, a domestic sustainable heating oil replacement.  All heating oil in the state of Connecticut is already Bioheat

What’s new about oil heat?

Today’s oil heat is a blend of traditional heating oil with Biodiesel, a domestic sustainable heating oil replacement.

What is Biodiesel? Unlike ethanol, it is the ONLY fuel available that is 100% renewable, locally grown, and produces ZERO emissions. In fact, Biodiesel is as environmentally friendly as solar!

All heating oil in the state of Connecticut is already Bioheat® and you probably didn’t even know it. that’s great news for all of us!

Clean, Renewable, Reliable.

Even with very low blends of Biodiesel, Bioheat® has been proven to be cleaner than natural gas. No other energy source is as:

  • Reliable as Eastern Fuel.
  • Cleaner than natural gas.
  • Renewable as sunflowers and soybeans.
  • Perfect for the heating system you already have – NO additional investment is required!

Cleaner than Natural Gas

The Bioheat® blends common in Connecticut today (2% and higher) have lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas. Studies show that ultra low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel blends yield these stunning results: CO2 equivalent emissions are lower than those from natural gas in a 20 year atmospheric lifecycle analysis!

Avalux combines modern chemistries available to address and defuse known deficiencies that make up today's heating oil pool

Introducing Avalux

Today’s Proven Premium Heating Oil Additive

Avalux combines the most modern chemistries available to address and defuse the known deficiencies that make up today’s heating oil pool:

  • Fuel Stabilizer: Helps to reduce fuel degradation which contributes to sludge formation.
  • Dispersant: Gradually dissolves sludge and disperses water so that they can move more easily through filters and combust in the fire box. Also assists in water removal to help retard bacterial growth.
  • Detergent: Helps to clean the fuel supply system which includes pumps, screens and nozzles.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor: Protects storage tank from fuel and rust corrosion.
  • Metal Deactivator: Fuel oil will react with copper and brass. This reaction causes gums and resins to form which in turn could contribute to sludge formation and clogged fuel delivery lines. The metal deactivator helps retard this reaction.
BioHeat is a heating oil that burns and costs the same as fossil fuel oil, but is much cleaner.

BioHeat® Fuel Oil

The Amazing, Natural and Renewable Home Heat

BioHeat® is a heating oil that burns and costs the same as fossil fuel oil, but is much cleaner. Bioheat® fuel is a blend of biodiesel and ultra low sulfur heating oil. It is a simple choice and a smart solution that results in a better fuel for your home and the environment. Biodiesel is produced from a variety of renewable resources, such as plant oils, animal fats, recycled grease, and even algae, making it one of the most sustainable fuels on the planet.

  • Environmentally Friendly: U.S. biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by an average of 80 percent compared to petroleum fuel oil, making it the best carbon reduction tool of any U.S. liquid fuel commercially available.
  • Reliable: Biodiesel has the highest energy balance of any U.S. commercially available fuel, returning 5.54 units of renewable energy for every one unit of fossil energy needed to produce it.
  • Natural: Made from agricultural byproducts, co-products and recycled cooking oil from right here in the USA.
  • Flexible: Bioheat® can be used in any oil heating system without modification.

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