Service & Installation

Our impressive ratio of licensed service technicians to heating customers ensures quick response times for both routine maintenance and 24-hour emergency service. Your service call will be personally answered by one of our office staff, who will communicate to you any necessary safety instructions as well as an estimated time when to expect an Eastern Fuel service van to arrive at your home.

Not only can Eastern Fuel help control the cost of your heating fuel but we also can help control the cost to repair, maintain and improve your heating equipment.



Lower your fuel cost by lowering your fuel consumption. Upgrading your heating system, especially if it's between 10 – 15 years old, with a new high-efficient heating/cooling system will reduce your monthly heating expense while improving your home's comfort. As systems age, heating and cooling units tend to become more susceptible to wear and tear. We'll help you choose the right unit for your home.

Service Technician

Service Technician

Each Eastern Fuel service technician is experienced in the repair and installation of oil-fired furnaces, boilers, water heaters, indirect heaters, air cleaning systems, humidifiers and air conditioning equipment. We deal with only state of the art equipment that is backed with new equipment warranties and full support from our most reputable vendors. Eastern Fuel employs all our technicians, recognizable by a company van and uniform.

Insurance Plans

Service Plans

Oil Burner Insurance Plans are available for purchase and provide coverage for service calls 24 hours a day, the cost of most parts associated with your heating system as well as providing one furnace/boiler cleaning a year. Protection for oil fired water heaters can also be added to this plan for an added cost. Eastern Fuel also offers Oil Tank Insurance, covering the cost of replacing an indoor tank.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Eastern Fuel recommends an annual tune-up of your heating & cooling systems. Preventative maintenance keeps your system running at peak efficiency, reducing your fuel consumption and lowing your fuel cost. This routine maintenance will also help reduce the potential for untimely breakdowns by recognizing equipment concerns before they turn into more costly and inconvenient equipment failures.

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