Pricing Plans with
True Price Protection

Price Protected Budget Plan

By far our most popular option. Home heating oil, like all energy prices can be very volatile, often seeing price spikes and falls for uncontrollable reasons. To avoid costly, unexpected heating oil bills during the winter months, Eastern Fuel will estimate your entire annual heating cost into 11 affordable monthly payments. This option also provides price protection from the often-volatile energy markets. Your home oil delivery price will not exceed our Price Cap during the 11 months of the program even if prices rise during the winter. Should our retail price drop below the cap, so will your heating oil price. True Price Protection. Please contact us for details, as this plan is offered for a limited time and only by contract.

Prompt Payment Discount Program

For those Automatic delivery customers that decide not to participate in the price protection budget plan, we offer a discount reward for prompt payment. If your payment is mailed within 7 days of your heating oil delivery you may reduce your delivery price by the discount advertised on your delivery ticket.